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FIT4LIFE is built on the philosophy of functional training, encompassing fundamental movement patterns. We believe that training should be enjoyable and based on the following pillars:

  • All inclusive
  • High energy
  • Sustainable
  • Fun

Dave Wolffe is the name behind the FIT4LIFE brand.

His passion for health and wellness stems from years of experience competing as an amateur athlete, representing Bermuda as a footballer and a track and field sprinter, before transitioning to bodybuilding in his later years. Dave’s energy, experience and dedication are at the center of all that he offers in helping others to reach and sustain their individual goals.  FIT4LIFE was launched in 2006 and has been growing in size and reputation for the last 10+ years.

Today, FIT4LIFE is recognized as one of the leading sports, fitness and wellness institutions in Bermuda.  FIT4LIFE’s success rate is best recognized through goal-driven performance of the individuals and groups that it coaches, catering to a very diverse network of clients that range from novice to elite. Its unique appeal to both men, women and youth who want to improve their fitness, core strength and overall health comes from a robust foundation of athletics and activity-based drills.

Dave’s diverse training and skills allow him to train individual athletes, chronically-obese patients, youth development squads, elite sports teams, large groups and more.  Of equal importance to Dave and the FIT4LIFE team is a commitment to working with individuals, companies and teams to promote health and wellness at the office and to encourage teams to build an ethic of harmony and cohesion in the workplace.  FIT4LIFE offers a diverse curriculum and training experience to all.

We have a Stay Ready Series starting soon