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FIT4LIFE understands that poor lifestyle choices can negatively impact both the cost and productivity of an organization. In addition, Bermuda’s struggle with obesity and chronic illness shows no signs of slowing, with the most significant chronic diseases being diabetes and heart disease. Developing a workplace culture and environment that places emphasis on health and wellness can have a powerful influence on staff’s physical and mental fitness, including promotion of better eating habits and a healthier lifestyle.

FIT4LIFE is committed to offering a health and wellness program for Bermuda to support employees in their individual efforts to pursue healthier lifestyle choices and habits. For some individuals, this can include management of chronic conditions or pre-conditions.

#Reboot is a 6-week fitness and nutrition program designed to refocus the body and mind with realistic and achievable goals towards a healthy lifestyle reset.

FIT4LIFE’s investment in the development of this program aspires to create a platform for employees to re-engage with physical activity, healthy eating and a more active lifestyle.  At the conclusion of the 6-week program, employees will have gained knowledge to help them lead a more balanced life and will be encouraged to continue to build on these wellness principles, to keep building momentum and yielding results.

The program fully customizable based on the company’s goals and needs – length of program, number of sessions a week, assessments, nutritional aspect are all factors that are considered.

Please contact us for additional information on pricing and availability.

We have a Stay Ready Series starting soon