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At FIT4LIFE our personal training offers customized programs centered around each client’s individual needs. This will focus on fundamental movement patterns and functional fitness. Each client will be assessed on their current abilities and put through a range of motion test (FMS TEST) to ascertain mobility and restrictions.

A comprehensive program will be established, including nutrition and exercise. A holistic approach will be taken to encourage clients to maximize not just training and eating, but also reducing stress, hydration, stretching and mobility drills.

All pricing will be customized based on weekly/monthly sessions and additionally services utilized.

With over 15 years of experience in training adults, children, athletes and teams, FIT4LIFE has the skills and abilities to train any individual.

Please email us on dwfit4life@gmail.com or call on 261-0411 to schedule your free 30 minute assessment.

We have a Stay Ready Series starting soon